I'm a writer because I have the best words. I'm a copywriter because I drink and I know things. You can usually find me at the pub, along with the rest of Joe's body, attempting to maximize the usefulness of his pen and his beer. I send the appropriate signals through Joe's nervous system into his hands to turn creative thought into tangible pieces of work. Whether it's poetry, journalism, or advertising, Joe is more than simply a writer. He's a Creative, a Big Idea Generator, and an amateur Cat Whisperer. He's too humble to say these things about himself, which is why I, as his brain, volunteered to write this. Of course, I couldn't have done it without the rest of his body. Together we make up a collaboration station, taking no vacation, finding fallacy in the familiar fecundity of facetious alliteration. 

Other things Joe likes include whiskey, books (actual books printed and bound), Atlanta United FC, and arguing as a sport.